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Why Become A Connected Librarian?

I've being doing workshops on Twitter and other tools to help librarians get connected for a long time - and, honestly, I've never been 100% satisfied with the outcomes of those sessions.  My participants have always been awesome.  I've worked hard to prepare.  And, because the topic is so very important to me, I've tried to convey the message with as much passion as I could muster.  And yet, I've always felt as though the participants left just as frustrated and confused as when they arrived.

Then, a few months ago, I went to a session on becoming connected using Twitter, led by someone I respect a lot, and sat in the audience as this person seemed to experience the same scenario I had over and over again.  However, at the end of the session, something amazing happened.  The presenter said, "I hope you've learned a little bit about how to use Twitter." To which, a person sitting behind me said, under her breath...

"Yeah.  But I still don't know why I should."

That moment changed the way I look at teaching about being connected forever.  Since then, I've started focusing on the WHY.  I spend however much time I have with my audience telling stories about how being connected changed my teaching, resulted in student outcomes and made feel less alone.  I tell sad stories and happy ones.  I talk about the friendships I've developed and even about a few brushes with literary fame.   In short, I spend the time I have getting them hooked.  And then, I flip the learning so that they can go through all of the "how to's" by themselves, at their own pace, with whatever device they have in their possession.  My job is to make them WANT to be connected and then give them some step by step tutorials so they can do it on their own.  And... I've got to tell you, I find that these kinds of sessions are FAR more impactful for everyone.

Anyway, this presentation is the one I created for the NC School Library Association Annual Conference.  Below it are the links I sent them to with step by step guides for using the tools. 


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