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🎧 The Reader's Heart | Guest: Chris Baron


Chris Baron is one of the few people I've interviewed for The Reader's Heart (so far!) who I didn't already know prior to recording our episode. A long time fan of his work, I reached out to Chris, on a whim, and was delighted when he said yes to chatting... but then the nerves kicked in. Logically, I know that authors and illustrators are just "regular people," but I'm always nervous when meeting creative types and especially those I greatly admire! Turns out, Chris Baron is as easy to talk to as his books are easy to fall in love with! Like his characters, Chris is personable, funny and full of heart. I'm so grateful for the stories he shared during this episode and the ways he has let his own reader's heart shape the books he writes for young people. I loved chatting with Chris Baron, y'all, and I can't wait for you to hear our conversation!



  • GUEST: Chris Baron

Book Cover: Glitter Everywhere!

Chris Baron is the award winning author of novels for young (and young at heart) readers. His latest novel, The Gray, (which is a personal favorite!), was a Project Lit selection for the 2023-24 school year. Chris is also the author of other great middle grade books including All Of Me and The Magical Imperfect AND he’s the editor of a new anthology for middle grade readers called, On All Other Nights: A Passover Celebration in 14 Stories. He is a Professor of English at San Diego City College and the director of the Writing Center. He grew up in New York City, but he completed his MFA in Poetry in 1998 at SDSU. HE lives in San Diego with his family.



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Rooted in the belief that our world needs the magic of children’s literature now more than ever, the Reader’s Heart podcast captures conversations with authors and illustrators about children's literature as a vehicle for empathy and joy in a dark world. I'm so excited about this project and it's my wish that it brings you as much light and hope as it has brought me.

Special thanks to Corinna Luyken for creating the beautiful illustration that will serve as the show's logo. I've always found Corinna's art so moving and she perfectly captured the spirit of what I am trying to do, which is to put warmth and love into the world during a time when so many are working to limit kids' access to the warmth and love inherent in children's literature. (Also, don't forget, you can use the discount above to buy Corinna's books from Bookelicious, too!)

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