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Level Up Book Club: Gamification For An Epic Win

Back in March I wrote about how the the TL Virtual Café hosted a webinar on WiiLearning: Engaging Students through Gaming Technology in which Matthew Winner and Meghan Hearn rocked my librarian socks.  

Since then, a lot has happened.

First, Matthew and I discovered that we were separated at birth.  Full on Wonder Twins we are.  No joke.

Secondly, thanks to my BFF Ryan Redd and some amazing support from my principal, I've been gamifying my library like a fool - implementing tons of lessons for both the Wii and xBox while also trying to harness some of the qualities of games that are so motivating to gamers so that I can apply them to my instruction.  I have so much more to write about this, but for now, let me just say it's been AMAZING.  I have so much left to learn, still.  But the impact this has already had on my students is mind blowing.  

And finally, a week or so ago, the twitterverse handed Matthew and I an idea for the Level Up Book Club - a summer (and fall!) reading challenge for folks who (like us) are interested in exploring gamification as an instructional tool.  

Y'all, this is going to be so much fun!

We're gonna read books, participate in challenges, share epic wins and explore how gaming can help make our instruction more meaningful for our kids. You don't have to be a gamer to join our club.  In fact, I consider myself something of a gamer in training.  All you need is an open mind and a willingness to share.  So... here's your mission (should you choose to accept it).

  1. Head on over to the Level Up Book Club Blog.

  2. Click the link to join (there will be tons of opportunities for you to contribute!)

  3. While you're there, nab the Level Up Book Club Badge for your blog! 

  4. Then grab yourself a copy of our first read:  Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal

  5. Get ready to unlock your inner (or outer)  Gamer!

We're looking at this as an opportunity for all of us to explore some new ideas, have a frank and open discussion about gamfication and teaching, share our successes, learn from our failures and apply what we learn to our instruction once school starts back.

Plus, (and I may have mentioned this before), it's gonna be super fun.

And as Matthew says, leveling up is a strong possibility. Game on, folks!  Game on

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