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Ed Geek Cast: The Podcast By, For and About Geeks Who Teach!

UPDATE:  Ed Geek Cast Live! was so much fun! I had a blast doing the show and posted a link to the archived show below.  Also, some program notes including links to tall the resources mentioned are posted on the main Ed Geek Cast page.  Be sure to check them out.  Finally, our next show is scheduled for Thursday, November 14th! I can't wait! 


Sometimes the education forces of the universe align to create something unique. Something powerful! Something… …GEEKY!

THIS is one of those times.

I'm super excited to announce that this Tuesday marks the inaugural episode of Ed Geek Cast: a regular(ish) podcast by, for and about geeks who teach! And featuring my super pals +Nancy Mangum and +Lucas Gillispie, oh... and me!

Here's the skinny:

What?  You know those awesome conversations you have with your smartest, most innovative friends?  The conversations in which you solve all of the world's problems, come up with awesome ideas and giggle a whole lot?    This is our attempt to capture some of those conversations.  I can't promise will solve all the world's problems, but we WILL share ideas and there will definitely be a lot of giggling.

Where?  Our podcast will be live streamed via Google Hangouts on Air.  I'll post the video here OR you can bookmark the Ed Geek Cast page where we'll be archiving links to each episode.

When?  Tuesday, October 29th at 9pm EST.  Mark your calendars!

Who? You! And Us!  It's gonna be awesome!

Our first episode,  "Kickin' the Kryptonite" will be all about how EdGeeks use their super powers to save the world, leap tall buildings, make a difference and have fun! I hope you'll join us!

Check out the video and the show notes:

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