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Search + WLMA = My Favorite New Thing!

Last week I learned about which is an easy to use and uber fun website that allows you to string together YouTube clips to create interactive trivia games or "Trivs."  I love using video clips as part of my instruction, (both for little kids and bigger ones), but how fun to be able to create a game out of learning from this medium!

Things I love about

  • It's super easy to use.

  • Players know immediately if they got the question right/wrong.

  • Scores are generated, in part, by the speed of the response - which leads to a little competition.

  • The interface is slick.

  • Processing is wicked fast!

Things I don't love about

  • In chrome (on my mac), I had to go full screen to get the scroll bars to show up.

  • Clips can't be more than 20 seconds long (this part really cramped my style!)

  • The questions can only be multiple choice.

  • The clipper tool is a little wonky.  You'll notice in my example that the last question takes forever to load, but don't give up - it gets there, promise! 

  • If you're using this with kids, it will have to be for fun only as there's no real way to keep track of their scores.  

Overall, though, I love it and I can see lots of applications for it's use.  Even if you didn't want to create Trivs for your kids to tackle, what a fun product for THEM to create in order to demonstrate learning!  Instead of the standard book trailer, how neat for kids to string together existing clips to help set the mood for questions about a book that they generate.  OR if you're working with a social studies teacher, what a fun way for them to develop a trivia game about a certain time in history or about a theme (I'm thinking revolution or poverty) repeated throughout history.  Same thing for science.  The possibilities are endless!

Anyway,  in exploring some of the other examples on the, I noticed that it's possible to string clips from different videos together to create your Triv, but for my example I used just one video - a  five minute wonder created by the Washington State Library Association showcasing the power of school libraries.  I love their spin on our work and the passion of the teacher librarians who participated.   That said, while a few of the questions in my Triv are about the video, because I was just experimenting, I threw in a lot of general library/teaching type questions as well.  Feel free to play along AND because I love a little smack talk, don't be afraid to share your score in the comments.

In fact, let's make it interesting, shall we?

I'm feeling generous AND since I love competition, post your score in the comments and I'll pick one person at random and put together a sweet Library Girl prize pack for the winner.  What's in there you ask?  I don't know yet!  But I've got PLENTY of goodies up my sleeve and I'm dying to share, so... take the Triv and post your score.  You could win big!

Though, truth bet told, it's tough not to feel like a winner just watching the WLMA video.   It's a great reminder of why our work is so important.  I love it.  And I think you will too.  So... take a look.

And... let the games begin! 


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