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An Xtranormal Orientation

Library orientations are one of those tried and true traditions that you can practically set your watch by.  The school year stars and kids pile into the library to learn all about the four Rs:  Rules, Regulations, Reading and Resources. (Usually in that order).  This year I'm going to try to switch things up a little w/ a two part orientation.  I'll start with this video I made using Xtranormal.  I love Xtranormal.  There's just nothing else like it.  Then I'm planning a qr code scavenger hunt.  Essentially, students will scan QR Codes that lead them to specific resources, where they'll learn some stuff and find more codes, etc.  It should be fun.

One thing to note about the video is that I am planning to pause it after each question - using the answers as a springboard for discussion.  (What I'm trying to say is that all those pregnant pauses are intentional).

So... what are your orientation plans? What do you do that works? Ready? Set? Share!


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