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Teaching Fact VS Fiction When Seeing Is No Longer Believing

It was only a few days after the Covington HS incident (in which students on a field trip, wearing red MAGA hats, were captured on video in what at first appeared to be a confrontation with an indigenous demonstrator), when ISTE asked Darren and I to write a piece about video specific media literacy. It didn't take long for us to say yes, which is in direct contrast to the amount of time it took us to complete the task. Despite the fact that we'd written an entire book about teaching kids (and adults!) to discern fact from fiction in online information, it turned out that this was a topic that required a great deal of additional thoughtful consideration and just as much research. The resulting piece represents 6 months of work. We hope you find it useful.

Direct link to article.

PS: The original title of the article was "Video Killed The Media Literacy Star" and I'm more than a little disappointed that it was changed.

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