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Library Girl Reading Challenge: May

Just for fun, I’ve started creating monthly reading challenges for readers of all ages.

I decided to make each month's free download both a reading challenge, (that doesn't center things like # of pages read, etc.), and a coloring sheet BECAUSE both reading and coloring are proven stress relievers - and I feel like we all could use a bit less stress right now. Here's the May. I chose to focus on bird this month, because I like bird. But also, so does a friend whose birthday is this month. (Happy birthday, Ryan!) You can download it, and all the other month's challenges, here.

Happy reading and coloring!

Finally, I've received a few questions about how I create these. For January - April, I created the images entirely in Canva. However, this month, I created a variety of images using the Microsoft Designer Image Creator, then removed their background and stitched them together in Canva, until I was satisfied with the results. Here's the prompt I used as an FYI:

"Create a black and white image, suitable for a coloring book, that features at least 10 different birds, several bird houses and a bird nest."

It didn't handle the quantifiable prompts very well, but I was able to create something I was happy with in just a few minutes.


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