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And the 2016 #30secondbooktalk Challenge Winner Is....

The votes are in! (All 3,000+ of them!!!) And the WORLD BOOK TALK CHAMPION, winner of the Vince LomBOOKi prize, as chosen by YOU is....


  • Everyone who participated in this EPIC project! Every single book talk was amazing and I am so inspired by your willingness to share your love of reading with young people around the world. 

  • Every teacher, librarian, principal and (especially!) student who voted! Over 3,000 of you cast a ballot on the final four book talks alone and it's your participation that made this competition awesome! 

  • My partner in crime, Brad Gustafson, who invited me to be a part of his #30secondbooktalk idea! This has been so much fun and such a positive force for reading in the lives of so many young people! I'm honored to to have been a part of it!  Kudos to you, my friend!

  • ALL of the #literacylegends (Mollee & Tavia, John Schu, Donalyn Miller,Pernille Ripp, Nikki Robertson, Tiffany Whitehead, Cathy Potter). You guys are AMAZEballs! But most especially my big sloppy thanks go to... 

  • The #BroBrarians Stuart and John who ROCKED THIS OUT! I hope you all blast We Are The Champions throughout the library today! I <3 you all so, so much! Thank you! 

Finally, as we've said throughout this project, the #30secondbooktalk challenge is all about providing a platform for more adults to share the books they love with the young people in their lives. So, if you'd like to replicate the #30secondbooktalk challenge with your students, all the materials you need to get started are here. 

The only thing we ask is that you share your efforts with us. We would love to see the epic #30seconbooktalks that you and your kids create! Have fun! Keep bringing the AWEsome! And HAPPY READING! 


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