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#30SecondBookTalk Challenge! It's Time for ROUND 1!

The wait is over! It's time to reveal the 16 book talks that make up ROUND ONE of the 2017 World Book Talk Championship! We had such a blast collecting this year's book talks and the passion of our first 16 educators from around the world is TRULY inspiring!

Fun Facts:

  • The books talks in this podcast are only 30 seconds long!

  • We've divided the tournament bracket into two teams; Lead Learners & Literacy Legends.

  • Educators from three different countries participated.

  • We're proud of the diverse blend of titles that are featured.

  • Our book talkers have shared their Twitter handles so you can reach out to encourage them.

  • A hashtag is being used so classrooms can share their creative #30SecondBookTalks with an authentic audience. 

  • Resources to support classroom book talks are found below.

Talking about the books we love is a win for literacy, and empowering students to create their own book talks is even better! That said, only four of the original 16 book talkers will move to the next round. After that, one of these rockstar educators will also take home the grand prize package consisting of a "Vince Lombooki" digital badge, bragging rights, and $500 in books for their classroom or library - sponsored by Scholastic!

So… who will win?  Well, that’s up to you! To participate, simply watch the videos and cast your vote! Voting for Round One will close on January 20th, so be sure to get your votes in before then.  We’ll announce which book talker from each bracket will advance to the Final Four once all the ballots have been counted.

But why stop there? Here are some resources to help you create your own #30SecondBookTalk challenge at your school. Whether your teams consist of different classes competing for the big prize or your bracket is made up of teachers vs students, we love hearing about how teachers and librarians recreate this project with their students.

Resources for the Classroom/Library:.

Voting Link: Cast your vote for this year’s champion!

#30secondbooktalk hashtag - where you can follow the players as they promote their "book talks" and exchange some friendly banter and encouragement.


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