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Entering the longboarding world without much knowledge about this style is such a big disadvantage for beginners who have limited experience. Not only do skateboards vary in shape, size, and many further factors but longboards also have hundreds of models available on the market.

Hopefully, this post will provide the most fundamental criteria that skaters must consider in order to get the greatest beginner longboard based on their style, see also: Moreover, I will provide some popular names in case you are still not sure of what to buy.


Are you into leisure rides around your neighborhood or commuting to work on your skateboard? If yes, this style creates the perfect chance to enjoy riding when doing everyday basics at the same time. For cruising, beginners should go for a drop-through model with soft wheels and a comfortable deck like the Landyachtz Switchblade or the Loaded Dervish Sama.

Meanwhile, commuting requires boards with a medium length and a lightweight compact design such as the Arbor Dropcruiser for easily carrying. SLIDING AND FREE RIDINGThere are two main categories of longboards for this style: drop-throughs and top-mounts. If you are a beginner seeking stability, a drop-through model like the Landyachtz Switchblade is a good option.

On the other hand, the Loaded Tesseract is highly responsive in a top-mount construction. BOMBING HILLSIf you had time to read the article about downhill skating at SkateAdvisors, you would realize how many people are fascinated with the insane feeling of high-speed rides this style can bring.

Despite being interesting, bombing hills demand highly proper gear and proficient skills to avoid injuries or accidents. Longboards for this style are available in drop-through, drop-down, and top-mount products. However, beginners had better get started with a drop-through model like the Comet Voodoo Dustin Hampton for better stability.

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