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The Polls Are Open! It's Time To Get Your Edublog Vote On!

The nominations are in and the voting is open for the 2012 Edublog Awards. I am super honored to have had this blog nominated again in the Best Library/Librarian category.  When you take a look at the competition, it's especially meaningful, because those folks are AWESOME!  But I'm also blown away by the fact that Level Up Book Club - my scrappy, fun game based learning love child with Matthew Winner - was nominated in not one, not two, but THREE categories:  Best New Blog, Best Group Blog and Best Social Media.  Talk about an epic win.

But the good stuff just keeps coming! Now it's time to vote.

You can cast your virtual ballot by heading over to the voting page. You get to vote once per day (from a single IP address) and unlike real elections, there'll be no long lines or voter intimidation!

So let your voice be heard!  And then tell all your friends to vote too!

Voting ends at 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, Dec. 9!

I've written before about how much I dig this process.  And I do.  I really do.  No matter who gets the most votes, we all win because the end result is a treasure trove of new Tweeters and Bloggers to follow and learn from.

So... if you're reading this post, I hope you'll vote.  And yes, shamelessly, I hope you'll vote for me and for Level Up.  But no matter who you vote for, be sure to check out all the finalists in all the categories - there's some real gems in there.

Good luck everyone.  And happy voting!


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