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Library Virtual Tour

One of the toughest parts of having an awesome PLN is the (often) unfulfilled desire to visit the libraries and classrooms of the folks I follow and learn so much from every day.  Luckily, however, the reason why my PLN is so awesome is because it's filled with some super smart folks who brilliantly thought of the perfect remedy for this particular professional malady: a virtual tour.  

Naturally, I'm a little slow to get this done.  Tamara was first, followed by Cathy Jo and then Tiffany.  All of their tours are fantastic - and might just make me want to visit their libraries more!  Mine is not nearly as long (read: thorough) as those that have preceded me, but it's almost 100% student created, so I'm very pleased with the final product.  Truly, once I pitched the idea to a couple of kids, it was very interesting to see what items NEEDED to be included in the tour.  Left to my own devices,  I'm pretty sure I'd have left several things off this list.  As it is, I feel good about the final product and love knowing what my students think are the most important aspects of the library.

In the end, it took 28 kids, 2 days and countless takes to get this right, but it was well worth it. Not only is it now featured on our library webpage, but I also plan to use it as part of my library orientation next year. Enjoy!


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