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Wikibrarian! My Prezi on Using Wikis for School Librarians (and you!)

Looking forward to teaching a brief session on wikis this afternoon to a mighty group of NC School Librarians.  Some of the ways I use wikis can be seen in the prezi below - including the self-assessment wiki that I created (modeled after the work of Joyce Valenza) to help librarians in my district share and elevate our practice as 21st Century School Librarians.

*waves to NC Librarians*

****Post Session Reflections****

Although this session was designed as an inhouse staff development for school librarians within my district, we were lucky enough to have a librarian from a local private school join us.  Her comments and contributions were wonderful and I think we all benefited from having her as a part of our group.

When the session was over, she asked if she could attend future trainings, and went on to talk about how she sometimes feels isolated as a private school librarian - as her opportunity to interact with professional colleagues are limited. 

Her comments reminded me of how lucky I am. 

I have the privilege or working among and with a wonderful group of school librarians who are, for the most part, eager to learn and share and collaborate.  Despite the overwhelming amount of great things these people are doing at their schools, they still find time to listen to me ramble on about wikis for the better part of two hours because they recognize the importance of professional camaraderie and collaboration.  They understand, that by sharing, we all get better. 

Additionally, I am lucky to be a part of an online professional learning community.  Without question, the learning I've been a part of online through resources like blogs, wikis, webinars and, of course, twitter, has changed my professional life.  I feel as though the whole world has opened up to me as a result of the connections I have made with other teacher-librarians, educational professionals and even authors as result of my PLN.  Honestly, it's humbling to be a part of the community rock stars who shares themselves with me (and the rest of the world).

And now... I can add a friendly and smart private school librarian to the mix.  Huzzah!

Overall, I think the session went well.  My jokes were mostly funny, my links mostly worked, my content was mostly useful and I think mostly everyone enjoyed the chance to learn with and from one another.

Mission Accomplished.


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