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Video: It's a Small World After All - My PLN Keynote

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Awhile back I posted about a recent trip to Vermont where I was honored to deliver (I guess it's safe to admit) my first keynote address.  I was super nervous before, during and after, but I had an amazing time sharing how my Personal Learning Network has shaped my practice and I left Vermont with many new friends and tons of new ideas.  I continue to be so grateful to everyone who was a part of bringing me to this wonderful conference on the banks of Lake Champlain.

Today, a video of my keynote was published and although I can't bring myself to watch it, I'm going to be brave and share it with you.  No doubt, some of you will recognize yourself in the many nods I made to just a few of the rock stars in my PLN who inspire me every day.  Whatever you think of my speaking ability, know that this presentation wouldn't exist without you!

The presentation itself can be found here.  Honestly, part of me still can't believe the whole experience really even happened.  This week (the last week of school for us) has been full of pitfalls and barriers.  Having this video published today, as a reminder of what a great year I've had, was just what I needed.


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