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Resources To Help Teach Kids (and Adults!) About Copyright and Creative Commons

I've gotten a few requests lately for resources on how to teach kids (and adults!) about copyright.  I've written before about how I don't think any lesson on copyright can be effective without an emphasis on creative commons and helping students choose licenses for their own work.  Still, there are plenty of good resources out there to help start these conversations or that can serve as reminders as you help create a culture of creativity and attribution at your school.  And even though there already exists in my mind a resource titled "A Zombie Librarian's Guide to Copyright," as of this moment, that resource is yet to exist anywhere else, so... I thought I'd curate a collection of other resources to share in the meantime.

To that end, I've also written before about how much love Edcanvas - a tool which recently changed its name to Blendspace.  Regardless of the name, the service is great, so here's my Blendspace chock-full-o copyright and creative commons resources for students and teachers.



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