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PLN Starter Kit: An Exercise in Crowd Sourced Learning

By writing this post, I am keeping a promise to several (dare I say many?) people who have asked me to compile a list of "must read" blogs and "must follow" tweeters.  Or... maybe I should say this post is the first step in keeping that promise.  Of course, I realize that there's lost of "top ten (twenty, fifty, etc)" blog lists out there and several major publications have taken the time to compile lists of super sonic mega tweeters.  And, yes, I could easily just point folks towards those OR towards the annual edublog winners.  However, the truth is, as keen as I am on creating my own "must read/follow" list, I'm just as (if not more) anxious to take a sneak peek inside your Google Reader or figure out whose tweets you favorite most.

No. Really.  

Haven't you ever wondered about that stuff?? 

I know I have.

Especially when I first created my Google Reader account and/or joined Twitter.  I can totally remember thinking "If only I could see ___________'s Google Reader, I'd know EXACTLY who to follow!"  Of course, I've since come to understand that creating a PLN is a very personal experience that needs to be driven my shared passions and sincere intellectual curiosity.  Still... a few recommendations at the start would have been helpful. So...

Here's my master plan.

I want to crowd source a PLN Starter Kit.

This may end up being as simple as a list of must reads and must follows, but it may end up evolving into something even bigger and more dynamic.  I don't know yet.  But for now, let's start with the basics.  If you're reading this post, please take a minute or two to fill out the form (below) which essentially asks you to list some of your favorite bloggers and tweeters.  Don't think about it too long.  Go with your gut.  And then, if your gut tells you to recommend others, go back and fill out the form again. Fill it out as many times as you like.  I just ask one thing:  once you've filled it out, share it.  

Blog about it.

Tweet about it.

Talk about it over a cup of coffee. Make some nice graffiti art (just don't get caught and be sure to send me a photo!) 

But let's spread the word and help all those newbies out there begin the journey of learning that has helped us grow so much as teachers and learners. 

Ok.  Ready???


PLN Starter Kit

Social Media provides some powerful tools when it comes to building a PLN. However, getting started can be tough - especially if you have no idea who to follow. Let's help newbies get connected by sharing our "must reads" and "must follows." You are welcome to fill out this form as many times as you like. All I ask is that after you hit "submit" you tweet this link and help widen the net of this exercise in crowd sourced learning. Note: none of the questions are required, so answer as many or as few as you like.


For each of the following categories, please provide an example of a "must read" blog.Teacher Librarian Blog Please provide the URL - I will do the rest!Classroom Teacher

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