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Our Nook Adventure Part 2

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Since my last post, I've learned a few things about our Nooks that seem worth sharing:

  1. The Nook must be powered on or in "sleep mode" when charging. If you're Nook is powered completely off, charging is disabled.  (You'll know you're okay if the Nook screen saver appears).

  2. Ordering eBooks is easier, and more fun, with two people.  While one person spends the money, the other can update the Nook library and confirm that the book has magically appeared.

  3. There MUST be a credit card on file during the entirety of the download process.  If you remove the credit card info immediately after purchase, but the eBook is still making its way to the Nook, the process will be stalled.  So, keep the CC info in there until after your eBooks are completely installed.

  4. When you upload content from places other than B&N, they show up in "your documents" - as opposed to in your "B&N Library."

  5. The Nooks claim to support titles from Overdrive (which our public library uses to distribute content), but we've yet to explore that option.

Needless to say, there's a lot I'm still learning.

For example, it's taken me awhile to wrap my mind around the whole cataloging aspect of this.  Because we're physically checking out the devices, as opposed to the individual titles, clearly, the Nooks themselves have to be cataloged.  However, if you want your patrons to be able to search for eBook content via the OPAC, then you've gotta catalog the eBooks too.  Couple this with the fact that we've yet to locate even one existing MARC record for any of the eBooks we've purchased, and you've got a recipe for disaster a big fat disclaimer! :) And here it is:

Anything I share here a) is definitely a work in progress, b) is free for you to use, edit, adapt and share c) wouldn't exist without the work of Buffy Hamilton at the Unquiet LibraryN and d) is in desperate need of your feedback.

Procedures for Setting Up Nooks for Circulation:***

***We print these on half page labels for the inside cover of each folder.

Nook eBook Inventory Form

So... what's next?

What happens when Nooks and Kids collide? (Answer: Magic!)


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