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My Favorite Books of 2022 from Bookelicious (and beyond!)

It's that time of year again! That magical season full of literary-awards-and-best-of-2022 lists! For me, this season begins with the announcement of the National Book Award long list in November and wraps up with ALA's Youth Media Awards- at the end of January. In between, book nerds from all corners of the literary universe share list after list of the year's most accolade-worthy books for all of us to enjoy! (And by enjoy, of course I mean to gander at and realize that there are SO MANY BOOKS FROM THIS YEAR THAT WE STILL HAVEN'T READ YET!) Some of my favorite lists include:

Every year, I share my own list of favorite books here and on social media: a tradition I very much look forward to. This year my excitement is doubled, because I've partnered with my friends at Bookelicious to publish (part of) my own list of the Best Books of 2022! This is awesome for TWO reasons.

  1. In addition to publishing my list, Bookelicious is also offering a 20% off discount to anyone who uses the code JENNIFERLAGARDE at checkout. As Ina Garten might say, how great is that? (Answer: really great!)

  2. If you purchase any of the books on my list (or any books from Bookelicous, for that matter) using this link, Bookelicious will add a portion of the proceeds to a gift card that I will then use to help fund my Adopted Classroom Library Project. I've already been able to add 82 books to this year's adopted classroom library! I'm looking forward to sending more in the spring with your help!

And now a caveat: long time readers of my blog know that I never partner with advertisers or sell products in this space. That policy is not changing. It's only because this partnership with Bookelicious will go towards providing books for kids who really need them that I'm sharing this opportunity with you. That said, no purchase is necessary to enjoy my list of favorite titles of 2022. I love all the books I've shared and hope you discover some new titles in the process of exploring them!

ButJennifer, where are all the YA titles?

Great question! Because Bookelicious does not yet feature books for a YA audience, I did not include them in their list. I'll be publishing my favorite YA titles, (both fiction and nonfiction), from 2022, here in the next few days. It's been an extraordinary year for books and I can't wait to share my favorite titles for young adults from 2022 with you soon. Until then... happy reading, everyone!


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