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Library Girl Reading Challenges: July

Just for fun, I’ve started creating monthly reading challenges for readers of all ages. Here's the one for July!

I realize that it's summer and a lot folks are out of school right now, but to those who are still working with kids over the summer, or to anyone who just wants to do some reading and coloring in July... this one is for you! That said, this month, I decided to go with an aquarium theme. Though they are not hidden, (sorry Brad!), I did include three sea creatures reading, too.

As a reminder, back in January, I decided to create monthly "reading challenges" that focus on authentic reasons for reading (instead of having kids log page numbers, etc) and that couple reading with coloring BECAUSE both reading and coloring are proven stress relievers - and I feel like we all could use a bit less stress right now. You can download this resource, and all the other month's challenges, here.

Finally, I've gotten some questions about how I create these. I use a combination of the following tools to create the monthly book challenge (and the book related) coloring sheets I share. Each coloring sheet takes me between 4-10 hours to create. (I'm slow).

Happy reading and coloring!


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