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Let's Share Book Displays That Matter!

I've written before about how I believe library spaces and displays represent AWEsome opportunities for us to share the story of our work and how we transform teaching and learning for kids.  Everyone who walks into the library is a potential library supporter. If we're not there to tell them what happens in our spaces, can they tell by looking around?  Does your space reflect what you value and how you make a difference?  I sure hope so. I've been sharing this message and asking these questions for a long, long time.  And now (and just in time for school library month) I'm looking to curate examples!

  • Are you creating book displays that matter? 

  • Are you using this valuable real estate in your library to make a difference for specific groups of students? 

  • Are you giving those students a voice in selecting the titles, authors and themes of those displays? 

  • Are you you seeking feedback from students and other stakeholders about the success of your book displays?  

  • Do the displays you build tell the story of your work and how it results in outcomes for your learners? 

If so, let's share the love and a grow a resource of library displays that make your favorite Pinterest boards look puny!! No idea is too small. Upload photos, videos and don't forget to include your name and Twitter handle so we can grow our PLN! Add your examples to this Padlet wall and share this link w/your networks!  I can't wait to see what you share!

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Sunita Malekar
Sunita Malekar
Feb 17, 2021

This is awsome, helpful, thanks a lot.

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