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From The Mixed Up Files of Dr. Ken Bort PhD: The Newsletter for The #DigitalDetectiveSquad

For awhile now, Darren and I have been plotting an information literacy newsletter to serve as a side door to even more content for our growing #DigitalDetectiveSquad! Now, after months of planning, we're excited to unveil the fruit of our cognitive labor: a monthly publication we're calling From The Mixed up Files of Dr. Ken Bort PhD!

Each month, we'll share resources in four (sometimes five!) categories:

One to...

  • 🔍 EXPLORE: Not your average information literacy rabbit hole; this resource is for digging into and learning more. Though you might end up sharing what you learn here with the Digital Detectives in your life, we’ve curated these items to support YOUR learning.

  • ✏️TEACH: Ready for their instructional close-up, we’ve curated these resources for use with kids. Often, these tools will end up living in the Evidence Locker. What's the Evidence Locker, you ask? As a reminder: you’ll find info for accessing the Evidence Locker at the beginning of every chapter in Developing Digital Detectives!

  • 💬 THINK: Ever wondered what your Lead Detectives are thinking about? These resources are examples of what’s currently getting Jennifer and Darren’s neurons firing!

  • 👏🏻 FOLLOW: We’ve found that one antidote to ignorance is community. Here we’ll give a shoutout to practitioners, experts and others who are dedicated to the work of supporting Digital Detectives.

  • And finally.... 🏆 BORT's BONUS: An occasional feature in which Dr. Bort shares one more resource to support the #DigitalDetectiveSquad. He’s generous that way.

A Bit About The Title...

We choose the lengthy but extraordinary title "From The Mixed Up Files of Dr. Ken Bort Phd" as a nod to things we love and as an easter egg for the extraordinary community who has joined us in our fight against mis-,dis- and mal- information!

Readers of Developing Digital Detectives (ISTE 2021) will surely recognize Dr. Ken Bort Phd as both the wind beneath our information literacy wings AND the prolific spreader of some of the truthiest truths found in our book’s many Case Files and mini-lessons. Some alert readers have even gone full-on digital detective and think they’ve figured out what very real person inspired the fictional Dr. Ken! Are they right? We’ll never tell!

And, of course, fans of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler's mixed up files will recognize the homage we pay to E. L. Konigsburg in our title.

As the kids say, if you know, you know.

So... what are you waiting for?

Signing up for our monthly newsletter couldn't be easier. Plus, it's free and worth every penny! Just click here to become part of our community of digital detectives! We couldn't be more excited about this new chapter in our journey as warriors for truth. TOGETHER, we're changing the way information literacy is taught.


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