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AND THE WINNER IS... Introducing the 2018 #30secondbooktalk Champion!

When Brad Gustafson and I started the #30SecondBooktalk challenge three years ago, we had one goal: to help get kids excited about books through short, engaging booktalk videos. We weren't really sure if the idea would resonate with others, but we were having fun so we just went with it. We also thought pitting some awesome educators against one another in the name of literacy would help us learn some book talking tips (and new book titles) along the way. 

There's no way we could have predicted the unbelievable talent and passion for reading that would be shared in three years worth of these short book talk videos. We continue to be inspired by all the ways educators and their students have taken the idea of the #30secondbooktalk and made it even better! Whether you were one of our amazing team members this year, or if you had a part in one of the nearly 75,000 votes cast this season, Brad and I have two things to say: "Thank You...and it's time to announce this year's winner!"

Thank you again for being a part of the #30SecondBooktalk Challenge. Congratulations again to Stephanie Tanner, this year's World Booktalk Champion! We hope you will display that Vince LomBooki badge with pride.  Happy reading, everyone! 


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