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A List of Absurdly Talented Librarians... and Me

When I cast my virtual ballot for this year's Edublog awards, I talked about how, even if you never vote, the Eddies are a great way for you to beef up your PLN - and I meant it!  Each year, around this time, the list of folks I follow on Twitter or who share space in my RSS feed grows dramatically, and that's all because of the Eddies!  Every educator can benefit from exploring the list of folks who made the Edublogs "short list" of nominees.  Each category is chock full of great people to follow and learn from/with - a fact I state with absolute humility considering the fact that this blog made the cut in the "Best Librarian/Library Blog" category.

I'll be honest, this is the point where I'm tempted to beg for your vote - after all, I've never been one to shy away from self promotion -but looking at the list of people nominated, that just seems silly.  I mean, really, look at the folks on this list. There's so much talent there, it's almost embarrassing! And yes, I know it's cliche to claim that "I'm just happy being nominated" but I have to say, I really am. The truth is, just being included in this list is not only surreal, but also incredibly satisfying, (which is kind of a strange thing for me, the girl who thinks "2nd place is just another name for the first loser," to be saying!)

So, instead of trolling for your vote, I'm just going to encourage you to use the Eddies as a chance to widen the reach of your PLN - by all means, vote (even for me!) if you're so inclined, but remember, no matter who ends up with a new badge to sport on their blog, the real winner is our community of learners whose connection grows stronger with each click.

Update:  Who needs shameless promotion when our tribe is so freakin' generous?  Big thanks to my friend, mentor and inspiration, Gwyneth Jones, who gives so much to our community - including her tireless cheer leading and support.  Be sure to check out her latest graphilicious Edublog post!

Also, I just really wanted to point out some of my fellow North Carolinians who are represented in this year's Eddies! First, my pal and presenting partner, Jennifer Northrup, whose blog, The Candid Librarian, is nominated for Best New Blog.  Second, Steven Anderson, of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, who is up for SEVERAL Eddies including one for Best Ed Tech Blog, and third, Bill Ferriter, of Wake County, who is nominated for Best Individual Blogger for his work on The Tempered Radical. Oh yeah, and my blog was nominated for Best Library/Librarian Blog (Woot!) Congrats to my fellow Tar Heels for their outstanding contribution to the field of education.  You make me proud! 

List of Absurdly Talented Librarian and Me.

  • A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet - Julie Greller

  • A Year of Reading -

  • Aberfoyle Park Campus Resource Centre - Jo Schenkel

  • Adult Books 4 Teens - Angela Carstensen

  • Adventures of Library Girl. - Jennifer LaGarde

  • Bulldog Readers Blog - Mrs. Hembree

  • Cosy Corner - Mrs Howlin

  • David Lee King -

  • Hey Jude - Judy O'Connell

  • Liberos - Roger Michelena

  • Librarians are go - Staceyt

  • Library Grits - Dianne McKenzie

  • Library Matters - MRC Juniors

  • Lucacept - Jenny Luca

  • Never Ending Search - Joyce Valenza

  • Read It 2011 - NSW Readers Advisory Working Group

  • Read@UTS -

  • Readers in the Mist - Blue Mountains City Library

  • Tales from a Loud Librarian - Elizabeth Kahn

  • Tame the Web - Michael Stephens

  • The Daring Librarian - Gwyneth Jones

  • The WebFooted Booklady - Lesley Edwards

  • Tipperary Library News - Tipperary Libraries

  • TLC = Tech + Library + Classroom - Tara Ethridge

  • Try Curiosity! - Sarah Ducharme

  • Unquiet Librarian - Buffy Hamilton

  • Van Meter Library Voice - Shannon Miller

  • Watch. Connect. Read. - Mr. Schu

  • What Adrienne Thinks About That - Adrienne Furness


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