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#30SecondBookTalk FINAL FOUR! Voting Starts NOW!

Okay, y'all... let's do this thing! The World Championship of Book Talks started with 16 educators from several different continents. After 8,000+ votes we are down to the final four, and YOU get to select the winner. Will it be a "Lead Learner" or will it be a "Literacy Legend"?! Oh, who we are kidding?? It's definitely gonna be a Literacy Legend!

We created this collaborative project to inspire readers, young and old, to celebrate the books they love. Here's how:

  1. Watch the podcast containing the final four book talk videos above.

  2. Choose your favorite and vote HERE.

  3. Follow the action on Twitter at #30SecondBookTalk.

  4. Create and share your own book talks with young people in your life!

Voting ends at 7:00pm EST on Friday, Feb 17th. In addition to taking home the 2017 "Vince LomBooki" digital badge, the winner will also receive $500 in books for their classroom, school, or university. (Thank you Scholastic!!)

Of course, the real winners are the students who get to see the educators they look up to talking about the books they love. We're even seeing classrooms recreate their own #30SecondBookTalk Tournaments using the free resources below. Please keep sharing your love of reading with your students, and don't forget to showcase your classroom's creativity using our hashtag.

Now... let's get this party started! Get your vote on.... NOW!

Resources for the Classroom/Library:.

Voting Link: Cast your vote for this year’s champion!

#30secondbooktalk hashtag - where you can follow the players as they promote their book talks.


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