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How a child gets tired at school because of writing an essay

Step One: Positive Confirmation Imagine that your child comes home from school and after a long day she had to discipline, after half an hour of play, he should see how he is writing his essay.

Is it natural and normal to do this without discussion and bargaining? Isn't it more about that this is a huge achievement on his part, deserving of recognition? It would not be very good if you praised him for the fact that he wrote the essay himself, and did not even use cheap essay writer. How great that you went today without prodding on your child.

I'm so glad I didn't have to quarrel with you today because you didn't want to do the essay writing. I know how hard it is for you to do your homework after school, I am very proud of you that you did not hesitate to ask me order essay for you because you did not have time to write at school. A child can only come to praise, only positive recognition can make him to change.

Many direct positive feedback is needed to achieve even the smallest result. Change takes time, so it is especially important that you, dear Parents, learn to notice the slightest changes in your child.

Step two: show understanding Imagine that you have to write an essay, a task that is very difficult. If others say that the task is not so difficult, we are just exaggerating, then we do not feel that they understand, and therefore we are more looking for arguments to understand ourselves and our feelings. Our children are the same: they think that we do not understand them, so everyone is trying to convince us by means, and we are already right in the middle of the discussion. It is difficult for a child to start doing something, and especially when it comes to writing an essay. Therefore, he comes to his mother and asks to help him write an essay, and also asks his mother to grade my essay.Many children are especially negative about the parent's statement, "Come on, it's not that hard!" Obviously, we say this to cheer him up, because we know that he can do it too.

But how would we feel if one of our colleagues said that we think salting is a difficult task? I would say "this is not such a big problem" It's probably we are stupid, since it's easy for him, but I'm suffering.

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