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How to use the car battery trickle charger?

How to use a car battery trickle charger:

1. First turn off the engine, then remove the battery from the car, find a ventilated and cool place, and open the breathable cover on the battery;

2. Use the positive battery pole marked with a plus sign to clamp the red clamp of the charger, and use the black clamp to clamp the negative battery pole marked with a minus sign;

3. Because it is a used battery, it should be charged slowly when charging, and the gear should be adjusted to 2. Choose 12 volt power supply, and the current size can be seen from the electricity meter;

4, plug in the charger power, turn on the switch, you can charge the battery, generally charging time can not exceed 12 hours.

How do I use a car battery trickle charger?

When the car loses power and can't start the engine, it's natural to recharge the battery, and using a battery trickle charger is arguably the most convenient way to do it. But for some of Meng's new friends, they may not know much about the use of battery trickle chargers. So how do you use a car battery trickle charger? Today we will show you how to use a battery trickle charger.

First connect the positive terminal of the charger to the positive terminal of the battery, and the negative terminal of the charger to the negative terminal of the battery, and then press the charge button to charge. But we don't have to wait until the battery is fully charged to unplug it, as long as there is enough charge to start the car engine, why? After the engine starts, it will drive the engine through the belt, through the rectification and voltage regulation treatment, directly to the car battery charge. It only takes one to two hours for the battery to return to normal.

Then care should be taken not to overcharge the battery too often. Although the current generated by the charger is not very large, but because the electrolyte is boiling for a long time, not only the small particles on the surface of the active substance are easy to fall off, but also in serious cases will oxidize the grid frame, resulting in loose stripping between the active substance and the grid frame, therefore, we must cheer up when charging.

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