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How to write a friendly letter

Constant correspondence and emails have become everyday means of communicating with friends today, but writing a letter is a more traditional, effective way that can bring a smile to your friend's face. If you pay to write paper write an email the old-fashioned way, the form of writing is still the same: a letter to a friend should include a greeting, questions to your friend, news from your life, and an appropriate ending.


Include the date of writing in the letter. Whether you're writing the letter by hand or typing it in a word processor, it's best to add the date in the upper left-hand corner of the letter. You can also put the date at the bottom, next to the signature. Many people keep letters they receive for years and reread them from time to time - the recipient will surely enjoy remembering exactly when the letter was written. Include the date, for example: "May 7, 2013" or use numbers to indicate the day, month, and year.


Write a greeting. The beginning of a letter-whether it's a handwritten letter or an email letter-is called a greeting. This is where you address the person you're writing to by name, such as "Dear Alexandra!" Consider the nature of your relationship with the recipient and choose an appropriate form of greeting.

If you need help with my capstone project tend to write in a semi-official style, use "Dear/Dear" as a greeting. It sounds typical enough, but you should think twice when calling someone "dear" because it sounds nice enough and shows you care about the other person. There is no need to put any special meaning into the greeting, but "dear" is only appropriate in a letter to your best friend or recent acquaintance.

For a more informal letter, use a greeting like "Hello, [name]!" or "Hello, [name]!" (the second option is used when you are addressed as "you"). This greeting is appropriate for a friend or relative, but it's too informal to use in a business letter.

Specify a personal greeting for someone with whom you have a personal relationship. For example: "My dear [name]!", "My dear [name]!", or "My good [name]!".

Be sure to end your greeting with a period or exclamation point. It is proper to begin the main body of the letter on a new line.

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