Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Rather Large Amount of Gratitude (Paying it Forward)

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.”   ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

There are good days and then there are the other kind.  Today fell into the latter category.  

And then this came in the mail.

An unexpected card from someone far away.  Someone I've never met but who knows me through this blog, twitter and various other ways that I've built my PLN. Someone from whom I've learned just as much, if not more, than she has learned from me.  Someone who took a few minutes to make my day.

I'm sharing it here because this, taking a few minutes to say thank you, is something I need to work on.  

There are so many people to whom I could have sent this very card - and meant every single word.  I've been super lucky.  The number of "mentors" in my life far exceeds the nay sayers.  And I know not everyone can say that.  Plus, I've got this massive, amazing group of virtual friends and colleagues, my PLN, swirling around me every day: teaching me new things and cheering me on.  

Seth Godin was right.  There really is something magical about having a tribe.

Which is why I promptly came home and wrote  a few thank you cards of my own - to the people who have empowered and inspired me.  The people who make me want to be a better teacher and person.  MY mentors.  MY tribe.

In some ways, writing those notes and "paying it forward" felt even better than receiving a note of my own (even though receiving this note was made of awesome!) and I know sending them tomorrow will feel even better.  

So... thank you to the person who sent me this note.  (I asked her if I could blog about it, but did not ask if I could use her name, so I'm going to leave it anonymous for now).  And thanks to all of you for being a part of my journey.  There are simply not enough cute cards and forever stamps out there to express my gratitude.

Like I said, there are good days and there are the other kind.  The next time you're having one of those others kinds of days, may I suggest thanking someone who's made a difference in your life?  

Trust me.  That simple act of gratitude can make all the difference.


  1. Great post after today. You are so right on, Jennifer! If we were to pay forward once for every not so good experience, we'd all be happier and so much more thankful. I, too, have had so many people in my life who have made a difference and have helped to make me who I am. I shared a link on Facebook just a few minutes ago titled "Every Bit of You Contributes to Your Learning Experience." So, thanks to all those who have been and are part of my Tribe!

    1. Yay! I'm glad we both had our frowns turned upside down today, Deborah! You are right, it's called a PERSONAL learning network because stop at the "professional' aspects of our lives and personalities. Every bit of us in invested in our networks, our tribes. I'm super grateful for mine AND super grateful that you are a part of it. :)

  2. I thought about you and about Level Up and about reactivating Wonder Twin powers today and it honestly overwhelmed me with happiness. Thanks for putting so much beauty out into the world, Jennifer. Your true blue.

    - Matthew