Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Xtranormal Orientation

Library orientations are one of those tried and true traditions that you can practically set your watch by.  The school year stars and kids pile into the library to learn all about the four Rs:  Rules, Regulations, Reading and Resources. (Usually in that order).  This year I'm going to try to switch things up a little w/ a two part orientation.  I'll start with this video I made using Xtranormal.  I love Xtranormal.  There's just nothing else like it.  Then I'm planning a qr code scavenger hunt.  Essentially, students will scan QR Codes that lead them to specific resources, where they'll learn some stuff and find more codes, etc.  It should be fun.

One thing to note about the video is that I am planning to pause it after each question - using the answers as a springboard for discussion.  (What I'm trying to say is that all those pregnant pauses are intentional).

So... what are your orientation plans? What do you do that works? Ready? Set? Share!


  1. I think this is a hoot! Kids will probably really like it. Thanks for sharing.
    I haven't decided what my orientation will look like this year.
    Last year, I linked the orientation to our six character traits. I showed the students photos, and then they had to infer what the pictures had to do with character traits and rules. There was a picture of a football player catching the ball out of bounds, and then I talked about the areas in the library that were out of bounds for students and the few times when the entire library was out of bounds (when no adult was present who was willing to supervise them) and how they could demonstrate respect and cooperation by remembering and adhering to the rules about out of bounds. There was a picture of people lined up at an ATM machine, and they had left room between the person who was taking money out, and the people waiting to take money out.
    The kids figured out that it showed RESPECT for personal space, and then I walked over to our circulation computer and explained that it was another place that you could demonstrate respect... that you should not crowd the person signing out the book or try to look and see their log in ID etc. I liked it because they really worked at using their inference skills and it made them connect their library behavior to our six character ed traits.
    Problem is, I don't like to ever repeat an orientation method. Been here three years and have done something drastically different each year. Nothing's coming to me yet, but I still have a couple days! :-)

  2. This was very creative. I have used xtranormal before as an introduction to the library and a teaser for a future student assignment. Now that xtranormal isn't free, I think I'll switch my intro and my project to Animoto. I do have accounts for me and 50 of my students there. I can't afford the fees to use xtranormal for student work anymore though I might make some personal movies there.

    Do you cry when books are overdue? And, if so, is it an effective technique? If so, I might try it. ;-)

  3. So cute. Love the smack talk! We are going to have a QR scavenger hunt/orientation, but their first visit was a quick tour and check out because I was just hoping to get a book in everyone's hand as fast as possible. I'll post about our QR code scavenger hunt after our first classes get a chance to do it.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, all. Love your orientation ideas! Keep 'em coming.

    PS: Just a few crocodile tears, Kathy. :)